Taqueria Updates 3.10.18

Lots of updates to THE TACO LIST!  Some decent, some quite bad.  Been all over and STILL keep finding places I haven’t tried.  #work

CAYUCOS GAS STATION & DELI is downgraded to ♦♦   My last 3 visits have been noticeably different.  Although nothing appears to have changed behind the counter, the tortilla treatment is different, the presentation is different, and I have had the verde sauce ladled onto my tacos on all of my recent visits. This has never happened before and I can’t recommend them whole-heartedly anymore.

MEDUSA’S TAQUERIA in Cambria added to list at ♦  Meat very dry and done–crunchy even, tortilla and salsa game weak.

DANIELS RESTAURANT in Atascadero  added at ♦♦  Handmade tortillas get an extra point, meat kinda slimy and lots and lots and lots of pineapple marinated and grilled in, which is *okay* I guess.  I know I am going to have a hard time choosing between Daniels and DON JOSE in Atascadero from now on.

PANCHO VILLAS in San Luis Obispo added at ◊   Why oh why oh why oh why is this place still in business.  Now I know why I have lived here 20 years and never been.

TAQUERIA EL CATRIN added to list at ◊   It’s just flat-out gringo-food and there is far better nearby.

CASA MANANA in Santa Maria (S) added at ◊◊   I don’t even have words.

RESTAURANTE EL OAXAQUENA in Salinas added at ♦♦♦   These are very interesting tacos, with a little shmear of beans inside.  Meat awesome;  Sauce awesome;  Tortilla awesome;  Location awesome;  Personality awesome.  I mean–how do you beat this?

TACO RANCHERO in Santa Maria (N) added at ◊   Look closely at the picture,  There’s minced up chicken or pork IN the verde sauce. I’m not sure how I feel about this scenario, but that was the LEAST of the problems with these tacos.  Everything tasted moldy.  I can not recommend this place on any level.  Especially with EL TIZON, LAS BRASAS, hell, even TACOS DE MEXICO practically across the street!  Ain’t got no time for tacos like this.

Of course, ALL the tacos I have eaten on the Central Coast are on THE LIST including links to all restaurants and my grading criteria.

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