Taqueria Updates 3.31

Finally got into DANIEL’S Atascadero… kinda hard to find–made a U-turn, like 3 times. Quite nice. Will definitely return. Added to list at ♦♦

Brand New ORTEGA’S MEXICAN CUISINE Atascadero on the main drag just North of the Colony District. An absolute testament to all the horrible things white people think Mexican food is. Added to list at ◊

GARDENS OF AVILA at Sycamore Mineral Springs Avila Beach Yeah yeah yeah I know… NOT a taqueria but hey, they have “Tacos Al Pastor” on their bar menu and if Luna Red can be on this list, you gotta at least give them an E for EFFORT. Not horrible at all. A fairly presitgious spot on the list at ♦

ARMANDO’S RESTAURANT San Luis Obispo down where Bon Temps was off Santa Rosa where you get on the freeway. This is REALLY GOOD STUFF and added to list at ♦♦

Don’t forget: TACOS EL TIZON is spreading their stupidly good ROTISSERIE AL PASTOR tacos Northward from their original spot in the Poc. They opened in North Santa Maria last year and are opening in SAN LUIS OBISPO soon. (old Taco Bell on Santa Rosa)

And of course, here’s the full list>>> CENTRAL COAST TACOS

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