Restaurant Gossip v.6.12.18

IMG_20180528_130516.jpgBistro Laurent is becoming BL Brasserie.
The Mark is open in the old 7 Hands/Marston’s spot. Wine list is 3 Sextant’s.
La Petite Parisienne is never opening, I’m convinced.
Streetside Ale House people to Artisan Paso. Might wanna buy stock in big-screen companies.
Broad Street Public House is open and apparently serving food in the old Wine Shed location.
Was in new SBP terminal at the rental car end and smelled food. Dude says there’s a restaurant at the other end.  Not sure if re-incarnated Spirit of SLO or not. Didn’t investigate.
Restaurant Alfonsos or whatever it was (and quite good) down in the old Bon Temps cursed location is now Mariscos de Mission. Yes, with 2 esses.
Mattei’s Tavern is closed.
Mint + Craft is doing another in their Community Table Supper series JUNE 20.
Don’t forget The Carlton Hotel in Atascadero has a full resty open now. Nautical Cowboy? Cool name bro.
People are waiting over an hour for *Instagram Ice Cream* at the new ROLLD in SLO because they’re stupid.
Heard a rumor about Compass Health snooping around THO in SLO.
Sconos is a couple weeks out in the old Comfort Market location.
Old Port Fish Market is open in Grover Beach finally again about 8th street.
Pardon My French Bakery is open in Grover City.
Cass House Grill has added brunch.
Foremost Wine Co’s new BUBBLE BAR (ceviche, oysters, crudo & Champagne) is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for 9 people at a time.
Grover Beach Sourdough is open across the street from Spoon Trade.
PICO Los Alamos nabbed a spot on Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 Restaurant Wine Lists in the US, which I agree with. To celebrate, they’re selling 1985 Phelps Baccus cab BTG.
I think Aculpulco’s #5 might have gotten cold feet up on Laurel Street.
Sidecar is going to be fun to watch the next year. Original next-door expansion space is now for lease and probably moving.
Uptown Brew/Creekside Brew for sale, speaking of cursed locations.
Shalimar is moving out to Marigold Center where the horrid Mexican place was.
Next Door Bistro closed.
California Tacos & Taps opened in Solvang.
Me & Ed’s Pizza is opening in that big corner unit at 13th-ish and Park. Yes, basically the same block as Hatch, Somm’s Kitchen, Fish Gaucho and THO.
There’s like, literally NOTHING exciting to gossip about this week.

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