Taco Update 5.6.18

ANGELES DE PUEBLA* Santa Maria (S) added at ♦♦♦ Holy wow I don’t know how many millions of times I have driven by this weird place (wasn’t it a FLOWER SHOP?!?!) in the past couple decades and OMG so glad I stopped. REAL ROTISSERIE al pastor (that’s the * folks. Anytime you see an * on The Taqueria List it means rotisserie IN USE on premises). The Santa Maria list is divided into North and South–because there are so many–and this is easily the best tacos in the (S) section (but I haven’t been to Guerrero #3 in Orcutt yet).

TACOS EL TIZON* (Lompoc & Santa Maria) Opened in San Luis Obispo Thursday, May 3rd, 2018. I have not been yet but based on my frequent visits to the other two locations and their consistent high scores, this will be absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt the best tacos in SLO. The offerings up to this point have just been… so… mediocre. Can’t WAIT to check this place out! In the old original stone Taco Bell on Foothill across from Santa Rosa Park.

TACOS DE MEXICO Morro Bay added at ◊ Easily some of the worst al pastor meat, tortillas, salsa I have had in memory. Horchata was decent, but oh dear dog the food. You’ve never had real tacos if you approve of these preparations.

DON PEDRO’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT Atascadero added at ◊◊ Just ridiculously beyond horrid. An absolutely TEXTBOOK example of the perfect gringo restaurant.

JALAPENOS RESTAURANT Grover Beach added to list at ◊◊ The south-county version of Pedro’s. Tacos bad beyond description.

ARIANA’S MEXICAN MARKET & GRILL Morro Bay added at ♦ Al pastor meat bland and dry, crazy thick fat rustic handmade tortillas which are the ONLY reason this place is not getting a ◊! I think with the right salsa, these could be made presentable but overall a huge disappointment, as I have had this little place on my radar for a long time and I knew they were aiming for authentic. They just failed though. No matter how you slice it, the tacos are just flat out NOT that good.

Got into EL OAXAQUENO (in the old Carmelita’s) Santa Maria (N) for the 4th time and the only reason I mention this is because I ranted and raved about this place and then got feedback–and experienced–inconsistency with the meat, mostly concerning salt levels. Of course, taco loyalists in the area will note Lucy at La Tapatia occasionally experiences this as well. I feel it has to do with the assumed ‘solera’ system of marinade additions in these excellent non-rotisserie establishments. My 4th visit mirrored my 1st and 3rd as BEYOND EXCELLENT. Be SURE and opt up for both the handmade tortillas and the “fresca” version of horchata. So I am leaving this on the list at ♦♦♦

And for you fans of EFREN’S (I am not one), don’t forget San Luis Obispo is getting Efren’s #5 up on Laurel very soon.

Links and locations to all restaurants in The SoifEats Taco List.

Oh and for those of you who consistently feel the need to comment on these posts “Hey you should go to _______.” and “Dude, you clearly need to visit my favorite _________!” or “Man, have you been to _________?” please visit THE TACO LIST and then… well… you get the drift. I mean–I’m all ears, but you gotta kinda step your game up.

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